Professional answers and advice on starting and running a small business in France, e.g. auto-entrepreneur SARL, EURL, SAS etc.

I've answered about 72,715 questions since 2009.

Valerie Lemiere: Start Business in France

Bonjour, I'm Valérie Aston. I’m French, live in France and work as a senior business counsellor at the national support network for entrepreneurs (BGE) and run this site independently since 2009.

I have expert knowledge and experience in all areas of small businesses in France, e.g. business set up, law, regulations, registration, costs, social charges, tax etc. From auto-entrepreneur, SARL, EURL, SAS etc., I'm able to answer all your questions and advise you on any business issues.

How I can help you:

  1. Everyone's questions: I've answered about 72,715 questions for 3,032 members. Membership is for a year and you can be 100% sure of getting all the answers, options and information you need.
  2. Helpline: This is a one to one service that covers a lot of ground. It's for when you want to get up to speed quickly, to talk through your options in-depth and fully understand the implications of your choices.
  3. Auto-entrepreneur business registration: I can register a business for you in France. You'll be registered quickly, correctly and with no errors to hold back your business. I manage the whole process.
  4. Business administration: After registering a business in France there are administration services that must be done and quite often registration problems chased and corrected. I can do this for you.

Wishing you all the best,

Valerie Lemiere: Start Business in France

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Tips to open a cafe or tea shop in France

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Site upgrade on 30th May to 1st June

Start Business In France will go through an upgrade on 30th May to 1st June. This may impact on the availability of the forum on that day. ...

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French income tax declaration: deadlines for 2019

The French tax office has started posting Impot sur le revenu forms from 29th March to French tax residents. Don’t worry if you have not received your copy yet, as it takes a couple of weeks to arrive. ...

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How to create your business account with Net Entreprises

This video gives you a step-by-step guide to create your business account on When your account is set-up, you will be able to login within 48 hours to make your auto-entrepreneur turnover declaration. ...

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This podcast explains how to set up a health cover and how to get a carte vitale for entrepreneurs. Find out how your carte vitale will be issued and answers to popular questions on health cover. ...

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Adding an APE or NAF code to your business

This podcast discusses the implications of adding an extra APE or NAF activity code to your current business and how to do it. Adding an extra APE activity code can be done for an auto-entrepreneur, an entreprise ...

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Complete overview of the auto-entrepreneur system

This podcast, which is 44 minutes long, will give you a complete overview of the auto-entrepreneur system. It's perfect if you're starting a business in France as an auto-entrepreneur, or you're registered and want a ...

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AirBnb, cafe and Chateau lettings - business structure and regulations.

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Turnover declaration with URSSAF - which declaration box to fill in

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Claiming TVA back on business expenses

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EURL v SASU - Health Care whilst abroad (i.e. out of France)

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Social Security Documentation: Birth Certificates

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Requirements for classification as “meublé de tourisme”

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Thank you again for such a brilliant resource. After weeks of going round and round in circles, this is seriously like a breath of fresh air!

-Chez nous - Forum member