Testimonials for my business services in France

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Thanks again for an incredibly informative and super helpful session. I’ll be setting another one up soon, for sure.

-Josh - voice over - Power Hour

Your 'dernier mail' arrived on exactly the day that my carte de sejour arrived here in the post. So, your timing is perfect. Thank you again for your help and advice for arriving and starting up in France. It has made the process clear and taken away most of the worry.

-Robin - Translator - Business registration

Thanks SO MUCH. Clear and helpful information. Just what I needed.

-Matt P - Forum member

From the very first email, Valerie has been excellent. I cannot tell you enough how reassuring it is to have an expert at the end of an email or telephone. Valerie always manages to understand my vague requests for information; due to her vast experience, she replies quickly to all my daft questions! Her communication is delivered with respect, clarity and accuracy. You will not have to worry about form filling, as Valerie can complete the business administration with care and understanding of the french paperwork: an investment well worth doing...also Valerie has a range of tutorials you can purchase to help you when you need to file your first micro entrepreneur accounts. Don't stress about your business needs - contact Valerie; she will make it much easier.

-Nicola - Gites, chambres d'hôtes & table d'hôtes - Business registration + Online course

Fantastic service to help you set up your business and support during your business activity. It can be very daunting to set up a business in France if your French is not perfect. Valerie offers perfect guidance and help on this and makes the French system appear easy and explains everything in detail and logical so you feel on top of your business activity.

-Martina - consultant - AE registration & online training

Thank you for your help I really appreciate it. This whole paperwork was stressing me out like you wouldn't believe. Glad I found you!

-Gite LMNP registration - Susanne H

I have used your service this past year and cannot be more delighted with your site and help.

-Forum membership - Terry W

I cannot tell you how impressed and grateful for the service you provide. This has been my first ever pain-free piece of French bureaucracy...and all because of your service.

-Micro entrepreneur registration - coach - Yvette T

I have received my letter from Insee with my business registration - many thanks for your amazing and efficient service!

-Micro entrepreneur registration - consultant

The service you provide is exactly what I needed. I've stumbled along with French business admin for too long. You took a weight off my mind.

-David M

So glad I found this forum, the depth of information here is brilliant.

-Mike L

Great website and well worth the annual subscription!

-Denis - Forum member

Thank you again for such a brilliant resource. After weeks of going round and round in circles, this is seriously like a breath of fresh air!

-Chez nous - Forum member

You wouldn’t imagine how many people in the French administration I have tried to talk to without getting straight answers before finding your web site. There doesn’t seem to be any joint-up thinking, so each person only cares about a small piece in the bigger jigsaw. I have already read hundreds of your posts and answers, finding lots of useful stuff...

-Robert - Forum member

New to your forum and worth every penny so far!.

-Renee - Forum member

I appreciate all your fine and fast work! You have made things really easy for me and your questions and answers forum is outstanding too!!!.

-Simone - Administrative Services

I had a one to one call with Valérie recently - and I am so glad I did. She was helpful and knowledgable, and I felt confident that I was in the hands of a real expert. Can definitely recommend.

-Business helpline France

Thank you for your time this morning. It was really useful and reassuring.

-Ry - Business call

Thanks for the quick reply. It is 99 euros well spent!

-Andrew - Forum member

Many thanks for all your help, I cannot tell you how brilliant you were when we were first starting out - you were recommended to us and I now recommend you to everyone!


Your advice is so far proving invaluable!!! I have discovered I need to find a new accountant for my project!!!I

-Heather - invaluable advice

You are absolutely fantastic. I'm so glad I've joined your forum - I think joining your forum has been one of the best business investments I've made this year.

-Joanna - Forum membership

Thank you so much Valerie, this is great, I finally feel settled.

-Louise - Business registration

Thank you so much for this - I really appreciate your speed, professionalism and friendliness! The accompanying fact sheet really is very helpful and so clearly laid out - perfect. You have been an invaluable help to me and saved a lot of headaches!

-Debbie - Business registration

Thank you for your fast response. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found you - it is such a relief having somebody who knows all the ins and outs!


Thank you Valerie for helpful information. This answers my question perfectly!


Thanks so much Valerie for all your help. Efficient, knowledgable and communicative. Just what I needed.


I spoke to you back in 2012 about setting up my auto-entrepreneur business and since then everything has gone very well. Your blog was invaluable in those early stages. Total life-saver.


Thanks for all your help and prompt replies you have put my mind at rest!


Excellent news! Thanks a million, you a star above French institutions!


I felt it is important to renew my membership to your Forum as a good source of information on business in France. Another reason is that my wife wants to start business in France, and you are the best person to advise us along this path.


Thank you for setting everything up for up so easily.


Once again, thank you so much for your prompt help. You are incredibly efficient and effective.

-Simon Crowther

Thank you so much for your quick and very detailed reply which is most helpful.


Thank you very much for your reply and the useful links. Much appreciated.


Thank you for your prompt reply which I much appreciated.


Thank you so much for your quick and efficient service - I wish I’d known about you last time!


Please let me say that you are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate all the help you've already given me!


Thank you for your continued advice which is proving invaluable as we search for the most suitable business approach for us in France.


I would like to thank you for such a valuable source of information for all of us expats living in France! Your clear and accurate advice and assistance on so many topics are immensely appreciated.

-Demet Hill

My accountant told me you’re very good at helping people to become registered and to find their way through the mountain of paperwork neededto do this and can make it quite simple.


Thanks for helping me navigate the bureaucracy involved in starting my auto-entrepreneur business here in France. I realised the value of your services when one agency involved in the process failed to pass on my details to another agency. You got me out of this ‘Catch 22’, and I now have my business registered and a social security number.

-Richard Spooner

I received excellent advice from Valerie as she guided me through the various options for starting my company in France. She also helped with the registration of my auto-entrepreneur business, both saving me time and preventing me from producing errors. I recommend getting assistance from Valerie so that you can get your business running without delay.

-Michael McMULLEN

Thank you so much for registering my auto-entrepreneur business and getting me on my way. I was so intimidated by the mounting paperwork and the language barrier. I'm so pleased with your help... you did a great job! You really made me feel like I could get through it all. I have already recommended you to friends.


The French system of setting up a business and paying taxes is complicated and easy to get lost in. I was also overdue with documents for the French authorities. Valerie's advice was probably the best use of my money in the entire year. She knew the regulatory pitfalls and problems relating to my business and tax situation, and her advice was invaluable. I cannot recommend Valerie more highly. Do it now!


The service I received was first class. Efficient, fast, helpful and took all the hassle out of what otherwise would have have been a complicated process, particularly as I am not a fluent French speaker. Thank you very much!


Thank you so much for all the hard work you done to help resolve the problem. I will keep you updated of the outcome.

-Walton Coachworks

Thank you for your fabulous website, knowledge and advice.


Many thanks for your help and advice in this matter, you are very knowledgeable and I love your site, it’s so full of information, enlightening in fact. Thank you again.


Excellent quality service. Valerie registered my micro-entrepreneur business without delay, collecting relevant information and explaining the process. Along with detailing what other actions would be required and help at hand in times of difficulty I couldn’t be happier.


Taking the first steps to starting a business in France is rather daunting and is easy to make mistakes which may prove rather important later on. By using this very helpful and efficient service provided by Valerie meant that having the initial registration paperwork dealt with was a great relief to me. I am very grateful for this service. Many thanks for your help.


Thanks Valerie for your advice and service for setting up our business. It was quick, painless and was a huge help given the difficulties for us in understanding the system, language and general way of doing things. Have already recommended your services to others!

-Joanne Gould

Thanks for the rapid service, it all went exactly as you explained and knowing about the official contacts helped avoid signing up to some speculative third parties. We’ll be coming back shortly for help with registering our b&b. Thanks again, really appreciated the help.

-Robert Ellis

The system in this country may seem complicated in administrative terms and Valerie`s help provides all the necessary information in a useful and structured way. Besides the forum I have also used one-on-one call sessions with Valerie to discuss my particular situation and the auto entrepreneur registration service - both have proved valuable and Valerie was very prompt and professional in dealing with all the matters. I highly recommend her services to those who want to start business in France and need advice.

-Svetlana Kim

I arrived in France in 2016 with a limited grasp of the French language and, keen to set my auto-entrepreneur business up correctly from the start, decided to ask for your help. You did this for me promptly and I am happy that I made this decision. No stress! I have also registered to use your forum and have now sent you various questions prompted by the many pieces of paper that have arrived in the post since. You are always quick to answer and clear with your instructions and advice. Thank you for your help. I have recommended you to friends.

-Julia Douglas

With limited French language skills I think it would have been impossible for me to register as a micro-entrepreneur business in France without assistance. Your forms were simple to understand and with your help my business was registered within a couple of weeks. I continue to use your website to check information and your administration service was really helpful in resolving a hiccup with my carte vitale. I would recommend your services without hesitation.


I used Valerie's service last year in order to set myself up as a micro-entrepreneur. This along with her website was hugely beneficial, in fact without it I would not have had a clue where to start! The whole process was quick and extremely efficient, and I would recommend it to others. Many thanks for all the help.


I used Valerie to register my auto-entrepreneur business after reading her website, because I wanted to be confident that the correct process was followed. Valerie made the process very quick and easy and it was great to also read some important information in English.

-Louise Tamblin

The service offered by Valerie made the whole process both easy and quick. Within a week my business was registered without any problems. I would recommend the registration service for anybody who is not familiar with the forms or very confident in their French language abilities. I would also recommend joining the forum for at least the first year of trading.


Employ Valerie. It's a no brainer!

-Andrew Sage

I am very grateful that this service is available. Although my French is ok, my experience of dealing with administrative papers back home, let alone in a foreign country, was a risk I was willing to take to register a new business. Thank you very much. Coupled with joining the forum for an additional but relatively small fee is well worth the investment. The ability to ask any question and receive a prompt response has enabled me has helped me gained a deeper insight into business management and administration in France which I would have never foreseen 12 months back. It is just another important step into better integration into a new culture. I've recommended you to friends.

-Edward niembro

Your auto-entrepreneur Registration Service saved me much time and effort and I'm glad I signed up for it! Valerie is excellent with English communication, asks questions, seeks clarifications and then shares excellent insights and guidance on the topic at hand during interactions with her. She is helpful, patiently answered all my queries and even went the extra mile to ensure that my business gets correctly registered in France by interfacing with various departments on my behalf. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again.

-Vineet DIXIT

I wanted to thank you again for registering my micro-entrepreneur business in France. In advising me to delay starting for two week (so as to avoid paying 2016 fees), you've already saved me the price of the service. My paperwork has arrived, and I'm pleased to say I was able to sign up for a mutuelle today using my RSI number. Your website has also been very helpful, and I appreciate your prompt and detailed response to my questions.


We looked at doing all our own business registration, but it was all so complicated. Thankfully Valerie was on hand to sort everything out for us. An absolutely superb business and I have recommended this to a few of our friends.

-Kimbers Chester

Start Business in France has been fantastic. Valerie was ready and available to help. By taking the administrative set up out of the equation it allowed me to focus on other parts of my business. It also saved a lot of time and probably money! If you are coming over from the UK/USA or anywhere else for that matter and want and need help/advice I wouldn't hesitate.


I would wholeheartedly endorse the services offered by Start Business in France. Valerie was efficient from start to finish and did exactly what was promised. I have recommended the company to several friends.

-Steve Walton

Many thanks for assisting me with becoming an auto-entrepreneur. Moving to France and setting up in business presents so many challenges but with your guidance, expert advice and knowledge the setting up of the business side was absolutely painless!

-David Roseblade

Discovering Start Business in France was invaluable. I found beginning life and work in france complicated, but Valerie made it easy. Especially offering the service for registering as an auto-entrepreneur. It was quick, stress free and one less thing to think about.

-Tamsin Chubb

One way for new arrivals to set up in business in France is to re-invent the wheel by spending endless time and effort searching for all the necessary information (often incorrect) yourself. The other is simply to draft in a professional specialist like 'Start Business in France' which will do it quickly, faultlessly and economically. Valerie's efficient service had me fully up and running as a properly registered entity within a few weeks after completing the easy application details. Money well spent!

-Terence Kennedy

I was very happy with Valerie's service which was prompt and very professional. I became a member and can recommend the forum which is a great place to find helpful advice and to get your questions answered by Valerie. I highly recommend Start Business in France as a highly professional, knowledgeable and supportive service.

-Alexandra Douglas

I had an unexpected but welcome business opportunity that required me to understand all details of how to open and operate a business in France. I was under time pressure and I had plenty of questions about how to open a company and how to minimize the French tax load on my business. Valerie's consultancy was very helpful in answering my questions timely and in a way that I could understand. I'm very happy with her service.

-Peter Senna Tschudin

I ​​was at a cross-roads with my auto-entrepreneur business when I came across the Start Business in France forum​. My ​call with Valerie gave me a big, confident push in the right direction. Valerie gives sound business advice and explains the French system in a way that makes sense. I can confidently recommend her services to both new and experienced expat business owners in France!

-Bianca Ljungberg

Really trying to find my feet with business and the different income streams I have - your help is invaluable.


Thanks a lot Valerie for welcoming me and for your quick and detailed reply, things are much clearer for me now.


Thank you so much Valerie. Your reply alone is worth every cent!


I love the way you respond. I don’t understand everything you say just yet but it will all make sense to me when I read up about the points you make. Thank you for the service you offer.


Thanks Valerie, that is superb concise information and exactly what I needed!


I have read your blog and feel somewhat reassured we are not the only ones struggling - what does come over is your excellent support and very common sense approach to each question!


Gosh Valerie, I did not expect such a prompt and detailed reply! I very much appreciate the guidance you have given so far.


Thanks again - the web site is brilliant and fantastic value for money.


This clears up major confusion and I appreciate all your help in this as otherwise it would have been a bit complicated.

-Ranjan Lama

Firstly, I am a new member this week and would just like to say what an informative site this is.


So easy with Valerie's help to become a micro-entrepreneur profession libérale.

-Roger Waldram

I followed, successfully, the great instructions on your site. Thank you.


I’ve also been reading answers to other people’s questions, similar to mine, and many of my own questions got answered in the process. So, indeed your forum is full of helpful information and I’m glad I subscribed.


I have just joined your forum on starting a business in France, and have read many really useful posts here.


Thanks Valerie very clear advice and they are excellent workings, much clearer now.


Valerie, thanks for this and for all your help - what a great service you provide!


Great website, thanks for all the excellent information.

-Ian Haycox

Your site has been very useful to us as we are trying to fumble our way through the auto-entrepreneur system. Thanks!


I have learnt so much from your site - thank you!

-Oanna Urwin

I would also want to thank for such great help you have been giving to people like me.


I have been following the forum with great interest. Something new each day! Thank you for this very helpful website.


Many thanks for a fantastic website, perhaps I can stop pulling my hair out now!


Congratulations, Valerie, on a fantastic site and thank you so much for providing this service.

-Cynthia Caughey

Thank you so much for your help Valerie, it's very much appreciated and I have recommended this forum to all of my expat friends!

-Gabrielle Clark

Fantastic website, it was passed on to me, now I will be passing it on to my friends.


Thank you, I think your initiative is fantastic Valerie!

-Jacqui Garcin

Thanks for your quick and comprehensive response.


Thanks so much for a fantastic forum, I would be lost without it.


I got exactly the information I needed - many thanks.


Thank you so much for your very informative reply. This has helped a great deal - this website is brilliant!

-Ada Chelle

Valerie, thank you for your excellent advice on getting started with the auto-entrepreneur system.


Congratulations on an excellent forum. Thank you for your kind advice.


Well done on your excellent website - very informative and easy to use.


Firstly, well done superb website and much appreciated by many I am sure.


Many thanks for creating this forum. It's full of excellent information.


Thanks Valerie, your advice is once again invaluable!


You have been a great help and I am so thankful I found your website and joined your forum. You have already saved me money.


Excellent, professional and invaluable.


Via the forums and personal advice all aspects of auto entrepreneur are covered. This has enabled me to relocate my business from the UK to France.

-Steve Nash

Congratulations on provided a much needed source of reliable information.

-Christine Brooks

I've never found a site before this one with such comprehensive business advice and to be able to ask any question and have it answered so quickly.

-Kirsty Achterhuis

I must contact the friend who gave me your website details and thank them again! Thanks to Valerie and forum members for being there to answer.


This was just the right website at the right time. Very helpful for everyone trying to master the maze. Many, many thanks.

-Susan Pfeifer

I have been using this website for six months now, I have found the forum invaluable and Valerie has been so helpful with all my queries.

-Gerard Hassett

You're my first port of call for any questions regarding the micro-entrepreneur scheme. Thanks for all your support and I really like the new newsletter. Well done Valerie.


I have just started a business in France and this website was and still is invaluable. Thank you so very much for your time and effort Valerie.

-Peter Whitehead

Valerie provides an excellent service and always responds very quickly with very sensible advice. Many, many thanks.

-Rusty Hanlon

Thanks Valerie, and thanks for your time on the phone this evening - well worth it! You’re the most helpful person I’ve spoken to since starting this process in August 2009!


The forum is simply the best for English speakers to get de facto answers and support.

-Sarah Little

Really don't know what I would have done without you.


I can recommend the phone help service which saved me a lot of time and money. My partner has now received his SIRET number from the local impots office.


I spent weeks searching through hundreds of web pages then found everything plus more here in Start Business in France! Superb, Valerie!


I just want to say a very public thank you to Valerie, for this forum and for the help she has given me by email / phone. Valerie has made the whole process make so much more sense, has handled phone calls and chased people for me, and finally we’re at a point where I can see the way forward and stop tearing my hair out. So thank you Valerie, for a great service and a fab forum - I’d happily recommend you to anyone looking to start a business in France!

-Nikki Pilkington

Just a very short note to say many thanks for all your invaluable help and advice not only when I was trying to set up my new venture but the continuing updates that feature on this most helpful of websites, and all for free too. Thank you once again.

-John parish

Thank you for a very informative website. I found it by chance last weekend just as I was about to purchase an existing business and have already learnt such a lot.


I have just watched your video to help me with the form filling - brilliant. Thanks for your help.


If you want a way through the frustrating administrative minefield that is France, Valérie is THE person to help. I'm very fluent in French but there are times when you need the help of someone who understands the culture and workings of the system intimately. Everything that's ever been asked of her has been delivered without fuss and with the right result. Valérie is a truly outstanding professional and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

-Shaun Gisbourne

Valerie is a saint... from trying to understand the bureaucracy and the misinformation amongst different government agencies re starting a business, Valerie made everything crystal clear for me and has made the whole process so much easier and in fact making me feel one step ahead...thank you so much.

-Grahame White

Each person I speak to seems to say something different. If only I knew about this website when I first started up!


What an amazing service and such remarkable information and assistance! Paying to join the forum was nothing compared to what an accountant would have charged me to offer me similar advice - although I doubt if they would have been as thorough as Valerie. Thank you x

-Nicole Salamate

I am so relieved and grateful to have found this website. I was directed to it by the AngloInfo website from their discussion forum. I have started with watching the videos on the auto-entrepreneur online completion forms and feel so much better about the whole thing already. Thank you so much Valerie.

-Angela Millward

Thank you so much for all the very useful information. It is so good to know I have someone to ask.

-Stuart Luckley

Valérie, I really appreciate this forum. Thank you so much for thinking of such a solution and giving your time. I’ve always wanted a mentor, never did I imagine I could have one via a forum.


I wouldn't have believed a place like this could have existed, it was recommended to me by a friend while I was trying to find answers to some problems I was having with the authorities. Valerie has been absolutely brilliant, all my questions were answered and I'm now stress free - plus it's great to know she's here when I get stuck again - and I'm sure I will!

-Della Thomas

A must for anyone starting a new business in France. It's a minefield out there! Thank you Valerie.


You are an absolute godsend in this crazy, bureaucratic nightmare!


Thank you for your detailed reply - I truly appreciate it!


I just want to say that your forum is fantastic and you deserve gold medals for all your help and support. What would we do without you?

-Super Sec

Many thanks, and congratulations on a great forum, and super resource on everything to with the French taxation system.


Thanks so much Valerie - clear and helpful and I now know what to do!


Thank you very much for this information and all the other very useful information on this forum, it's a fantastic help.


Can I say a massive thank you for this website Valerie - it's really great and has saved me several sleepless nights!


Thank you so much for the wonderful forum and your quick replies.


I would like to thank you for this forum as it is helping such a lot of people like myself, it is an invaluable resource for good information.


It is a godsend having you to ask for advice!


I thought I was just beginning to understand the auto-entrepreneur system, but thank goodness we've got you there to make sense of it all. Your help is invaluable, as always.

-Super Sec

Thank goodness I joined this forum! I think it's brilliant.


I've followed the registration video in great detail. It is excellent!


Your website is ideal and a 110% well run!


Thanks so much for your invaluable help, we've all be lost without you!


You are exceptionally efficient and organised, I really appreciate this!


Just joined your forum and I am amazed at the depth of information available - great job!


Oh good grief! The more research I do the more questions I have - I'm so pleased I found this site!


You're service is outstanding Valerie - a touch of sanity for those of us that have run out of it.

-Frances Beasley

It's a fabulous service, Valerie - a lifeline. I recommend your site to all my friends who are in the same position (small company) as me.

-Nick Moldan

Many thanks to you Valerie, your website is a godsend for everyone trying to make an honest life for themselves here.


I'm so glad you're there to turn to when things get a bit woolly!


Just signed up today and already I’ve learned so much! What you’re doing here is really great.


Can heartily recommend Valerie's videos and website for anyone starting out in business!


After only one single day reading through your website and forum, it is money well spent. A wealth of information, very precise, very hands-on, very... excellent!


Great site, and the information I have read already is more than worth the cost!


I'd just like to re-iterate everyone else's comments about what a fabulous service you provide at a very reasonable charge for membership. I'd have been totally lost without your help.


I am very impressed with the responsiveness and quality of this website. Excellent work!


I just wanted to add myself to your fan club Valerie! I sent my online auto-entrepreneur application off yesterday following your video guidelines. I received a call today simply clarifying my NAF code of activity - they said everything else is fine - they are completing the application today.


Many thanks for all your help and advice - it was extremely useful to be able to get such straightforward professional answers to our questions.

-John Lees

Valerie, your knowledge and clarity has brought great peace of mind as we get things in order. We really appreciate your work and service. THANK YOU!


You have a great site- the video was a big help... I have now finished my auto-entrepreneur form.


Thanks for the ton of information on your website, well worth the membership for sure! I also appreciate the very clean look and ease of use!


I must say that I'm very impressed with your website and your knowledge of this maze!


I have enrolled on your website so that I can access the videos and use the forum - it has been amazingly helpful.


Having browsed the forum for the past few hours we must say that we are glad we have found such a helpful resource!

-Tracy and Della

I have been a member since the beginning and it is really useful.

-Tracy Thurling

Thanks for your site and videos, which are extremely helpful.


Thanks so much, this is excellent information. Our accountant couldn’t even tell us this much.

-Lost in France

Many thanks to valerie, have been a member for some time now and can't praise Valerie high enough, fantastic advice, thanks.


It's such a relief to ask questions to somebody who actually knows what she is talking about.


Such prompt and concise answers, where would we all be without you.


Keep up the good work - this site is invaluable.


This site has saved me a huge amount of time, and I am sure the same goes for others.


Fantastic. As always, your help is hugely appreciated. You are well worth the price!


Great information would have been lost in France without your website, I have passed this site to many people starting up a business. Thank you.


What a brilliant site, very impressed indeed!


This site is just what I've been looking for.


Thank you for all of your help over the years. Yours is the best site on the internet.


This is such a great resource and you always respond so promptly.


Thank you Valerie your site is fantastic and invaluable, I have just completed my auto-entrepreneur form with the aid of your video. I hope to be up and running in the very near future. Thank you again.

-Tanya Yates

Many thanks for your great site about starting a business in France, easily the most understandable and useful business website I've found.

-Steve Wheeler

What a huge relief it was to find your site last week. Running my business in France just got a 1000 times less stressful!

-Kim and Dave

Thanks for a brilliant blog in a minefield of useless info on the internet!


Thank you for an excellent forum! So clear, well written and structured.


Once again, many thanks for your prompt reply and for all past help - superb site but then you know that.


Just discovered your site - not before time! Very informative, thanks.


You were extremely helpful and knowledgeable on all the subjects; I am much more confident about how to move forward with my business thanks to your insights!

-Cat Beurnier

The only sources of reliable information I could find on the Internet for English speaking business people.

-Michael Pickles

The forum that seems very well-designed and useful. The forum convenient and fast and I appreciate it very much.


I have been using your site over the last few years or so and glad to see information and services has grown immensely.


Thank you very much for the abundance of information supplied to me last week on our phone conversation. You saved me many hours of research. With you assistance I was able to register my company's Trademark in France in a matter of 30 minutes.


Thank you for having such a great site - I don't know what us expats would do without this business site!


Thanks for your invaluable help. You have made a tremendously difficult process very easy.


Very valuable service you provide and greatly appreciated.


I've found your site invaluable for the past two and a half years! Thank you for time and energy.

-Jennifer Milligan

I have just watched your video to help me with the form filling - brilliant. I now feel ready to get started.


Thanks again for all your brilliant advice. I can now sleep easy.


Many thanks for your help and for your website, which has been of amazing.


If you have any questions about anything related to running your business in France then Valerie is THE go to person. She is a very valuable resource to our community and if she doesn't know the answer nobody does.

-Jorgen Poulsen

Thank you Valerie for such a clear and speedy answer. Best thing I've done for a long time, joining here!


Your service is second to none and is well worth paying a annual payment. I shall be renewing my membership shortly.

-Wendy Barnes-Holt

This is by far and away the most helpful site for finding out business start up information, thank you so much, well worth the annual membership!

-Ben Boyd

I am so happy with the service you provide, it has made a big difference to me and my husband Robert. I will be happily renewing for another year.

-Nina Jiles

I was feeling very lost and confused, so thank you for this forum and your advice.


Your website and help has been a blessing. Thank you and keep up your good work.

-Pete and Deborah

This information if great - getting straight answers for once.


This focused information is exactly what we need and answers all our queries. You run an outstanding service.


I've been looking for a website like yours, these questions have been building up over the last 12 months. Fantastic service!


Your website is a godsend for everyone trying to make an honest life for themselves here.


Couldn't have got this far without all your expert advice.


Thanks so much for your advice. I have enough now to get things underway with confidence. I will contact you in due course if I have any other issues. Thanks again for a great idea and a great service!


I just registered with the forum and found it to be an excellent source of useful information.


Thank you for the excellent information, it's made a big difference to how I setup my business in France.


Thank you very Valerie you are a lifesaver, I've been battling for days with that problem.


As far as I can tell after only one single day reading through your website and forum, it is money well spent. A wealth of information, very precise, very hands-on, very... excellent!

-Nic Holger

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