Business administration services in France

Auto-entrepreneur helpliine in English

Summary: A business can have setup and administration problems from time to time. I can quickly sort them out for you.

If you need help on any of the business issues listed below please fill in the form. Simply summarise how I can help you and I’ll get back to you within one business day.

Business administration I can help you with:

I can help you with any of the following French businesss administration services and problems. I'm very familiar and experienced in each:

  1. Create your business account with Net Entreprises

    Auto-entrepreneurs can create a business account with Net Entreprises to declare and pay monthly or quarterly social charges. I will set up the account for you, make it ready for future declarations and show you how to handle your turnover declarations online.

  2. Create monthly / quarterly turnover declarations

    You are struggling with your paper or online turnover declaration form. I will explain how to complete your auto-entrepreneur turnover declaration or handle it for you, so that you will not miss any important deadline.

  3. Complete your CFE form for Impots

    All entrepreneurs receive a Contributions Fonciere des Entreprises (CFE) form to complete after their business registration. I will help you complete this form, so that you can return it correctly filled in and quickly to Impots.

  4. Create your business professional Impots account

    Some taxes, such as Contributions Fonciere des Entreprises (CFE), have been re-arranged and entrepreneurs now have to handle this tax online. I will create your business Impots account, so you can connect, validate and pay your CFE tax.

  5. Resolve issues RSI / URSSAF regarding social charges

    Unfortunately RSI / URSSAF often make errors regarding social charges requested or there may be issues with the way your business activity was initially set up. I can call RSI / URSSAF to check where the errors and issues come from and how they can be resolved. I will also write letters to solve your situation and get your business operating as it should.

  6. Chase organisme santé regarding your carte vitale

    You have created your business and are still waiting for your carte vitale, or you wish to add a beneficiary onto your health cover. I will contact your organisme santé and complete the necessary forms to add your beneficiaries.

  7. Write letters to RSI, URSSAF, Impôts etc.

    If you need to chase RSI, URSSAF, Impôts, the organisations handling your health cover or another administration service, I will write the letter enabling you to explain and resolve your situation.

I can help you solve administration issues

After helping French entrepreneurs for over ten years and English speaking entrepreneurs for seven years, I have a first-hand experience of resolving the issues above.

The Cost

The administration service costs start at 49 euros.

This includes making phone calls to the relevant French administration to enquire about your situation, writing a follow up letter in French (to chase/solve your issue) and a follow up email to you explaining the situation.

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