Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur course is live

By Valérie Aston on 18 October 2022 · Viewed 695 times · Questions

I’m so excited to be sharing with you the launch of my new group course - Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur.

Learn to become autonomous with your French business

Every year, I help hundreds of expatriates prepare and create their first French business. Many of them decide to go for a micro entrepreneur, as it is the simplest business structure in France.

But simplest doesn’t mean the easiest, when you are brand new to France and have no idea who does what for your business. Should you ignore or respond to letters? How do you get your health cover set up? And where and how are you supposed to declare your taxes?

I have designed a 3-months group course to help you sort, organise and get control of your micro-entrepreneur.

3-months!! Is it that tough ?? Mais non!  Chances are that you are already super busy developing your activity. And having to handle French admin after a busy day of work is both tough and demotivating… 

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is based over 3 months, so you:

  • Steadily build your expertise.
  • Can watch the videos, then practice.
  • Get a chance to ask me questions as we go along.
  • Get to do at least one turnover declaration for the training.
  • Get time to receive key healthcare documents.

What does Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur include?

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur helps you build French business skills week after week. It follows an 8-steps roadmap to help you become autonomous with your French business:

  1. Getting started.
  2. Getting organised.
  3. Handling forms.
  4. Let’s talk about taxes.
  5. Creating your online accounts. 
  6. Bookkeeping & declaration.
  7. Becoming VAT registered.
  8. Coming out of the Micro Entrepreneur.

You can view Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur's course curriculum here.

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is open for enrollment until 23rd October at midnight and will start on 24th October with our first group “Meet up” on Zoom.

You can join with a one-off payment of 240€ or with three monthly installments of 80€.

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur course is live

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