Terms and conditions

1. Registration process

After collecting the required information, Start Business in France will register your auto-entrepreneur business online. Information will be passed onto URSSAF or RSI (depending on your activity), INSEE, Impôts, and the body handling your health cover called organisme santé. Each of these bodies will then contact you with your registration and account details.

Start Business in France registration services are limited to the online registration of auto-entrepreneurs and does not include handling further documentation sent to you by URSSAF, RSI, Impôts or your organisme santé. The registration services do not include follow up questions unrelated to the business registration.

Once the online registration has been submitted, you will receive email notification sent by Start Business in France. Online auto-entrepreneur registrations are generally dealt with by URSSAF within two to three weeks. You cannot start trading until you have received your official INSEE business details.

It's assumed you're 100% sure that the auto-entrepreneur is the right business regime for you. If you have any doubts please ask in the forum for clarrification before completing the registration form.

2. Official business address

You will indicate to Start Business in France the address you wish to use for your official business address. If you are currently renting a property, you will require an authorisation from your landlord, in order to use the address for your business. You attest by reading these terms and conditions that you either own the property mentioned in the declaration or have officially requested the approval from your landlord to do so. Start Business in France is not responsible for an unthruthfull / unlawful / false declaration.

3. Proof of identity

In order to register as an auto-entrepreneur, you will need to provide a copy of your passport with the following text hand written J'atteste que cette copie est conforme à l'original. Fait à (xx your town xx), le xx/xx/2021. Date and sign the document. You will need to email a copy of this document to valerie@startbusinessinfrance.com. Non EU members will need to provide a copy of a working visa, titre de séjour or carte compétences et talents.

4. Health cover

Entrepreneurs’ health cover in France is handled by Sécurité Sociale / Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) since 2019. By registering an auto-entrepreneur, your healthcover will be set up with CPAM. Your social charges will be collected by URSSAF and CPAM will handle your health cover and health reimbursements.

Once your auto-entrepreneur business in fully registered, URSSAF will pass your business information onto CPAM, which will issue your carte vitale. If you are currently not in the French system, a social security number will be created for you. This process may take up to 4 months. Start Business in France is not responsible for creating or chasing your social security number and/or carte vitale, or for the delay caused by URSSAF/CPAM in setting up your healthcare.

5. Confidentiality

The information you provide for the auto-entrepreneur registration is confidential and will not be passed, shared or sold by Start Business in France to any other company

Be aware that business directories have access to INSEE’s listing of newly created businesses. You may receive unsolicited business directories offers. These offers are not compulsory, as no business directory registrations are required for auto-entrepreneurs.

On completion of your auto-entrepreneur registration by Start Business in France, you will receive a copy of the online registration form, together with a factsheet summarising the key contacts details for your business, including RSI or URSSAF, Impôts and organisme santé, as well as the social and/or fiscal charges applying to your business.

6. End of registration service

You receive a business attestation from INSEE (attestation INSEE) or Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce (extrait KBIS), usually after 2 to 3 weeks in the post. The attestation is confirmation that your business has been successfully registered and you can start work. The registration service ends 2 months after the registration was submitted. Customers benefit from an email follow up to help handle letters relating to he registration. This does not include phone or Skype calls.

7. Disclaimer

Start Business in France is a business owned by Valérie Lemière, SIRET 478 474 745 00013, and has no connection with Centre de Formalité des Entreprises. By reading these terms and conditions, you are aware of the fact that auto-entrepreneurs can register directly their business online. By agreeing these terms and condition you also confirm that you have researched the auto-entrepreneur regime and are aware of the way social and fiscal charges work. Start Business in France offer this service to facilitate your business registration.