What is the best way to add a gite business to artisan auto-entrepreneur?

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I am already registered as an auto-entrepreneur artisan. We are currently renovating an apartment which will be in our house but independent. I have been looking on your site and wondered what the best option was and also the regulations. My husband has a small pension and is officially retired. I am below retirement age.

I understand there are at least two ways of declaring gite income:

  • declaring it as an auto-entrepreneur
  • declaring it as income on our taxes

I read a previous reply and have these questions:

  1. Have I understood correctly that there is a choice to either pay social charges of 13.3% on total gite income as an auto-entrepreneur or to pay tax at 15.5% on 50% if the income and not include it in my auto-entrepreneur income?
  2. Is there anything else I need to consider about this apart from following safety regulations, informing the mayor and telling the impots about the apartment for purposes of calculating taxes foncieres and habitation?
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