You have registered as an auto-entrepreneur, what next?

By Valérie Aston on 2 February 2009 · Viewed 4292 times · Questions

How to declare and pay your social charges

On receipt of your SIRET number you will need to register with Net-Entreprise in order to declare and pay your social charges in the future. Go back to the auto entrepreneur website, click on Déclarer et payer and enter your personal details. Opt for Net Micro when registering. You will need to enter your bank details in order to make your future payments by bank transfer or télérèglement. You can also download the form and send it by post.

As the auto-entrepreneur scheme has just been launched, you will not be able to pay your social charges on a monthly basis to start with. All declarations and payments will be made on a quarterly basis until June 2009 (I will keep you posted if this takes longer). 

If you have opted for the quarterly payment, you will have to log in and declare your turnover by the 30 April, 31st July, 31 October and 31 January at the latest. If you have opted for the monthly payment, you will have to declare by these deadlines too until the system is fully up and running.

Net Entreprise will automatically calculate your social charges cotisations and income tax, which you will be able to pay online. A receipt will be issued once you have completed this process.

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