Work on your French business plan and visa over the summer

By Valérie Aston on 9 July 2022 · Viewed 1286 times · Questions

You’ve made the decision: you're moving to France by the end of 2022, or early 2023. And now is the time to start working on your project, and to prepare your visa application after the summer.

You’ve chosen to be studious over the summer, in order to be ready for your business visa application. Well done to you! It’s a great idea to take advantage of your holidays or a slower pace workload to focus on your future move to France.

If you plan to apply for a visa profession liberale, visa commercant or visa talent in order to launch a business or freelance in France, I recommend signing up for the My French Business course. It’s available as self-tuition for the summer.

My French Business course will help you:

  • Check if your activity is regulated in France.
  • Adjust your business idea accordingly.
  • Choose the best legal structure for your project.
  • Write your business plan (template provided).
  • Work on your financial plan (template provided).
  • Understand French taxes.
  • Understand which visa to go for and the application process.

Completing My French Business course will help you prepare your business project for your visa application. 

By joining the course, you also have the ability to ask me questions via the discussion group. So you now, you won’t get stuck.

If you prefer to join a group session, send me an email to be added to the waiting list, as the net session will be in October.

Work on your French business plan and visa over the summer

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