Urssaf’s micro entrepreneur registration site improved

By Valérie Aston on 18 November 2020 · Viewed 1458 times · Questions

Urssaf has updated its micro-entrepreneur registration website. From now on, the account you create in order to register your business will stay active and will be used in the future to declare your turnover.


This should save you time, as in the past we had to wait for months for your French social security number before you could activate this account.

Help to register your micro entrepreneur in France

I will be testing this new site to ensure it works for trade (gite, ecommerce, buy to resell) and artisans, as it the past it didn't request all required attestations and didn't fully liaise with Registre du Commerce/ Registre des Metiers. So for now - I recommend using it only for Profession Liberales (consultants, coach, developer, sport teacher, services) and if you have a good level of French.

If you need help look at my micro entrepreneur services, as I will handle the registration for you and walk you through what actually matters (who does what & how much will you pay in social charges).

Urssaf’s micro entrepreneur registration site improved

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