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If you plan to sell goods on French markets you will require a carte de commerçant ambulant. This card used to be requested at the Préfecture. From now on, you will be able to request the carte commercant ambulan as and when you register your business with the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE) at the Chambre de Commerce (for trade) or Chambre de Métiers (crafts). The procedure is the same for existing businesses planning to set up a stall on French markets to boost their sales.

What to you need to request a carte de commercant ambulant

I would advise you to go the relevant CFE in order to request your card, just to make sure you have provided all the necessary documents such as ID pictures (photos d’identite), proof of your address (EDF or France Telecom bill), proof of ID (passport or carte de sejour). The carte commercant ambulant costs 15€.

Don’t forget to contact the placier at the mairie in order to secure a spot on the market. The placier is responsible for managing all existing sellers, allocating new spaces and dealing with potential issues. Get in touch with him before registering your business, to ensure that there is still some space available. Some markets refuse to take new sellers, if there already are several traders with the same activity. A market spot is charged anything between 1 to 5 euros per meter.

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