Timescale for micro entrepreneur registration and legal documents

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You have registered your micro entrepreneur and are now wondering, how long it will take to get your official papers.

After registering your micro entrepreneur, you might also feel overwhelmed by the number of letters received through the post. There could indeed be up to 10 letters, some key official documents, others purely informative or even scams.

Timescale for micro entrepreneur documents you should be receiving

Here are the four key letters or steps you should be waiting for:

1 - SIRET number and Extrait KBIS

Within 8 to 15 days: You will receive your Siret number from INSEE for professions libérales. For commerçants and artisans, this can take 2 to 3 weeks and you are waiting for Extrait KBIS from Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce. Your official business number called SIRET will be on these documents. Don't ignore any letters from Greffe, as there may be some issues with your registration to address - you normally have 15 days to supply any further information.

2 - Affiliation letter from SSI URSSAF

Within 4 to 6 weeks: You will receive your notification of affiliation to the social security for entrepreneurs from Sécurité Sociale des Indépedents (SSI). Only after receiving this notification will you be able to create your account online. Be careful, as your French social security number mentioned often this document is often temporary if you are new to the French system (you can see this with the number of zeros in your French social security number). 

3 - Affiliation letter from CPAM 

Within 4 to 6 weeks: you will receive a welcome letter from Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie (CPAM), the body managing your health cover.  A key document to be keeping an eye for! You will have to provide CPAM with a proof of identity in order to get your permanent French social security number. This is, for instance, a copy of your passport and a copy of your birth certificate - no need for translation for English documents. If you ignore this letter, you will get stuck in the future, as you will need your permanent French social security number in order to create your online CPAM/Ameli account and your online social charges account (see 4).

4 - Time to create your social charges account

Within 90 days: You will not be able to make your first turnover declaration for 90 days. However, once you have received your permanent French social security number, create your online once with www.lautoentrepreneur.fr in order to be ready. Since 1st January 2019, all micro-entrepreneurs have to declare online - no more paperwork. Add your bank details for future payments.

5 - How to manage your Micro Entrepreneur course

I know that this is a very stressful time to be dealing with, especially if your French is not up to administrative level. This is why I have designed a course just for you on how to Manage your Micro Entrepreneur paperwork. This course show you how to handle each letter and form, how to create your online account with Urssaf, Impot and Ameli, as well as how to handle your turnover declarationa and making sure that your invoices are up to the requireed standards.

Get the Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur course.   

Timescale for micro entrepreneur registration and legal documents

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