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Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is now available as a permanent entry, with 12 months of support. Join my signature course and get control of your French business.

You can register here and have direct access to the course. NEW: you now also get access to live monthly Q&As sessions with Valerie on Zoom. As well as a year's FREE access to the private Start Business In France forum.

1 - Who is Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur for?

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur has been designed specifically for English speakers who have recently registered their business within the last 0 to 12 months.

It’s organised to help you understand the French system while ensuring that you are complying with the rules: invoicing, bookkeeping, banking, and declarations.

This group course is ideal for:

  • Newly registered Micro Entrepreneurs.
  • First-time freelancers.
  • More experienced entrepreneurs, but first-timers in France.
  • Service providers: consultants, programmers, coaches, wellness.
  • Buy-to-resell, shops, e-commerce, online courses.
  • Gites, artisans / manual activities and crafts. 

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur isn’t for you if you have created an enterprise individuelle under reel simplifie, an incorporated business (EURL, SARL, SAS, SASU) or an artiste with Maison des Artistes.

2 - Do I really need help with my Micro Entrepreneur?

Registering your micro entrepreneur was the first step to integrating into the French system. Now you need to learn the language and apply the rules. Unfortunately, you might have already realised that French accountants aren’t interested because your business is too small:“Come back to me when you’ve reached the VAT threshold. You can do it on your own”. 

Only to find out that once you get started, it’s more complex than it seems. You’re spending hours searching online with Google Translate, second-guessing and getting stressed or frustrated by it all. 

You might have already come across these hurdles:

  • Lots of letters and weird forms arriving on your doorstep.
  • Not knowing what to keep, file or bin.
  • Wondering which online account you really need for now.
  • Having doubts about the information to add to your invoices.
  • Wondering if your turnover declaration is correct.
  • Not to mention setting up your health cover.

Being a freelancer, you are busy working for your customers and have little time to research all of this on your own. This is when the Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur course comes in handy, giving you the right answer as and when you need it, saving you precious time. 

3 - Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur’s 10 steps approach

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur gives you a clear 10-step roadmap to learn and understand what you are supposed to be doing! Get ready to follow my bite-size video explanations, checklists and how-to guides to steadily build confidence with your French business.

Watch the videos and pause them, while you create your online accounts or declare your turnover in another window in your web browser. Download the PDF slides to read them later or to keep a summary of each module on your computer. 

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur Modules

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is divided into 10 modules to allow you to build on your French admin skills:

  • Module #1 - Objectives 
  • Module #2 - Getting started
  • Module #3 - Getting organised
  • Module #4 - Handling paper forms
  • Module #5 - Let's talk about taxes 
  • Module #6 - Creating your online accounts
  • Module #7 - Bookkeeping & turnover declaration
  • Module #8 - Filling your French income tax as Micro Entrepreneur 
  • Module #9 - Becoming VAT registered
  • Module #10 - Coming out of the Micro Entrepreneur 
  • NEW Bonus - Ideal Visa Renewal Dossier

4 - Why join the group session

Let’s face it, French admin isn’t on top of your list when you are already working hard for your customers. It often ends up being a dreaded task for Saturday mornings, when you’d rather be out enjoying your new lifestyle.

Joining the group session gives you the incentive to catch up with others, and ask your questions live if something isn’t working out. You also get to meet experts and join live workshops.

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur’s group session includes:

  • Monthly live Q&As with Valerie for 1 year.
  • 2 live Meet the Expert sessions (more on this soon).
  • 2 live workshops on business planning & vision.
  • Access to all the replay.
  • 1 year FREE access to Start Business In France forum.

5 - What do freelancers enjoy most in the course

Based on feedback from previous students, the key benefits of joining Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur course include:

  • Having support for 3 months and knowing you can ask questions anytime.
  • Being in a community of expat freelancers going through the same process as you.
  • Learning from other student’s questions and feedback.
  • Knowing that you are on track with your French admin.
  • Being able to tick boxes and seeing the progress made. 
  • Feeling confident about your business and understanding your taxes.
  • Peace of mind.

Join Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur now.

6 - How much does it cost

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur group course costs 547€ as a one-off payment or 4 monthly instalments of 139€. 

This gives you life access to the course + the private Facebook group to ask your questions + live Q&A + live Meet The Expert session + Planning for 2024 workshop.

Register here and get direct access to the course. The schedule of the monthly Q&As will be confirmed once you join.

7 - What former students say about this program

Here's the feedback from previous students who took the training in 2022 or 2023. 

"Manage your Micro Entrepreneur course has been a lifesaver in navigating my first few months in France.   Valerie's course walks you through so many details, websites, forms, and requirements step-by-step, which makes it feel manageable! She explains everything clearly. The checklists she provides help you know what to look for and make sure you're not missing essential to-do items. She's available to answer questions. It's a huge relief! I can't recommend this course enough. It saved me so much stress and worry!"

Raina Willick, Personal & Professional Development Coach

"The course was immensely helpful. I was in an anxious fog before and now it’s clearing. I understand social charges and taxes, TVA and bookkeeping. It can be confusing and worrisome to work in another language. This course provides a set of films and guidance sheets on everything you need to know. Live sessions with accountancy, marketing and other experts and regular Q&As with Valerie and the group of participants who are working with similar concerns add great value. There were so many things about how I needed to interact with the French fiscal system that I did not understand, and now I do."

Tracey Warr, Author, Historical fiction & Art writing

Join Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur now.

Register for Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur - Group Session

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