Power Hours moving to the morning over the summer

By Valérie Aston on 8 July 2022 · Viewed 913 times · Questions

Many of you are taking the opportunity to think about your future move to France. Nothing like a holiday in France to do some research on your favourite area or town, look at your competition and start some brainstorming on your future business in France.

And although this is fun, it’s very likely to generate many questions:

  • What do I need in order to start a business in France?
  • Is my activity regulated in France? Do I need a business visa and if so which one?
  • Which kind of business should I go for?
  • How much taxes will I pay?
  • When should I register my business?

Nothing better than a Power Hour to answer all these questions and move forward with your project.

The Power Hours are moving to the morning over the summer 9 am to 12 am, as I also intend to make the most of my afternoons. That's the beauty of work-life balance in France! 

Book your Power Hour now.

Power Hours moving to the morning over the summer

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