Potential problems for the auto-entrepreneur and entretien de jardin

By Valérie Aston on 8 September 2009 · Viewed 4453 times · Questions

If you have registered your business as an auto-entrepreneur to design or maintain gardens read on, as you might have some bad surprises. Activities relating to entretien de jardin normally register with the Chambre de Commerce and pay their social charges to the MSA (Mutuelle Sociale Agricole ). So far so good.

While checking some information for new auto-entrepreneurs, I have been informed by MSA in Normandy, that they currently do not recognize this type of business and will therefore ask entrepreneurs to opt for the normal system.

So what does it imply? Basically, even if you have registered as an auto-entrepreneur, you will not be able to pay your social charges as a fixed rate of your turnover. Instead you will pay the standard forfait which amounts to about 3,000 euros per year.

This is quite worrying as many people would not have registered in the first place if they had been properly informed. I would expect this issue to be addressed this autumn, as many new businesses will be affected. In the meantime do get in touch with your local MSA office to know where you stand.

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