Online course: How to freelance in France as a Micro Entrepreneur

By Valérie Aston on 18 May 2020 · Viewed 310 times · Questions

Online Course - How to Freelance in France as a Micro Entrepreneur

I have realised that I had not produced an in-depth presentation of the Micro entrepreneur regime for a while. C'est chose faite! I have designed a dedicated online course on “How to freelance in France as a Micro Entrepreneur”.

As part of this online course, you will get a clear explanation of:

  • The Micro Entrepreneur regime
  • Taxes (social charges, Impots)
  • Health cover
  • Accountancy rules
  • Declarations that you will have to handle
  • Where to register

You will also get access to:

  • A discussion board within the online course
  • A private Facebook group for live sessions

Find out more about the “How to freelance in France as a Micro Entrepreneur” course.

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