New Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur group course starting mid-February.

By Valérie Aston on 17 January 2023 · Viewed 483 times · Questions

My second group session of Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur will be starting up mid-February. Join the waiting list

Last October I launched a new course for new Micro-Entrepreneurs (0 to 12 months old) in order to help them manage their new activity in France.

It's one thing to be excited about starting freelancing in France, but it's a whole different game when you actually have to sit down and sort out your paperwork, create your online business accounts (yes, there are several…), know what to put on and invoice or which kind of bookkeeping system you are supposed to handle...

20 light-minded freelancers joined me to get control over their French business and feel confident about their Micro Entrepreneur. This session ends in January and this is your opportunity to join the next season.

What will be included in Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur group session:

  • 8 modules to fully set up & manage your Micro Entrepreneur's admin
  • 4 live Meet the Expert Sessions (1 Extra)
  • 4 live Q & As sessions with me (1 Extra).
  • New content: Completing your 2022 French income tax form for your Micro Entrepreneur’s income + demo of a French accountancy software you could use for your invoicing and compulsory bookkeeping.

What did I love about the Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur group session:

  • Members have learned from each other's questions. By covering issues & tips that they may not have thought about, everyone learned new things in the live Q&As.
  • My favourite partners’ came in for live Meet the Expert sessions and added extra value to the course (business coach, money mindset, accountant).
  • Seeing members supporting or cheering each other over several months has been great.

What do Manage You Micro Entrepreneur students say:

"By the end of October, I found myself anxious over setting up my business in France. Trying to make sure I did everything right. I then decided to sign up for the Manage Your Micro-Entrepreneur with Valerie. This course has been phenomenal in guiding me through all the admin processes.”

Shauna - VA

“The course really has changed my mindset from one of panic and burying my head in the send to feeling much calmer, and like I know how to move through the steps without a meltdown!”

Gemma, Freelance journalist

"It has been a while since we were in touch but I must admit your online course was sooooo useful to me – as was the initial power hour we had together."

Krista, coach

Join me for the next group session

Are you ready to crack on with your Micro Entrepreneur’s admin and free some time to focus on your business development? Join the waiting list.

PS: You might have taken some new year resolutions to be on top of your French business admin… Now is the time for action. And above all, get some support to make it easier for yourself! 

New Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur group course starting mid-February.

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