My French Business Course

By Valérie Aston on 19 April 2021 · Viewed 1046 times · Questions

Create your 1st French business

I'm launching a new online course to help you create your first French business. In this course, you will go from feeling lost with the lack of clear business information, to feeling confident, as you learn which set up works for you and follow the 6-step roadmap to create your dream business in France. If you want to be informed when it's ready, add your name to the waiting list. 

With My French Business Course, you will:

  • Turn your business idea into a plan.
  • Ensure that your project is in line with French rules & regulations.
  • Get a simple business and financial plan template.
  • Get an overview of the different legal structures in France.
  • Understand how French taxes work for your business.

This for you if you:

  • Have recently moved to France & want to start freelancing or create a small business.
  • Have a dream project, but feeling overwhelmed with the lack of clear information. 
  • Want to finally understand taxes, so you can make decisions that suit you. 
  • Are a Non-European citizen needing a business plan for your visa or carte de séjour. 

What will it include?

  • Unlimited access to the course.
  • Videos, copy of slides, workbooks.
  • Business plan template.
  • Financial plan template.
  • 3 live sessions on legal structures, financial planning & French rules.
  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • Weekly live Q&A.

My French Business Course Roadmap:

  1. Finding a business idea.
  2. Reality check: French rules & regulations.
  3. Developing your business plan.
  4. Choosing/Understanding French legal structures & taxes.
  5. Financial planning.
  6. Getting ready to register your business.

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My French Business Course

Valerie Lemiere: Start Business in France

About the author: Valérie Aston

I've been helping people who want to start or already have a small business set up in France since 2009. After graduating from a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, I worked as a senior marketing consultant in the UK and France for various International companies. I worked as a conseillère en création d'entreprises (senior business advisor) for BGE here in France and run this independent business on a daily basis.