Manage your auto entrepreneur set up paperwork

By Valérie Aston on 13 November 2019 · Viewed 1599 times · Questions

You have recently registered a micro enterprise and are feeling slightly overwhelmed by the number of letters you are receiving in the post. You are wondering on a daily basis whether your business is fully set up, whether you will manage to get your carte vitale and which documents you should return, bin or file. To make matters worse, you know that some of these letters may be scams and you are wondering with whom you should be sharing personal data.

The good news is that I have released an online course especially for you, entitled How to manage your auto entrepreneur set-up paperwork . In this course you will find :

  • A summary & timescale of your business set up. 
  • Videos explaining letters from Impots, SSI, URSSAF, CPAM and what do do with them. 
  • Sample scam letters. 
  • Key steps to take in next 3 months. 
  • Micro-entrepreneur set up checklist.

Get some peace of mind and ensure you understand your auto-entrepreneur setup, as well as the bodies you will be dealing with for your social charges, income tax and health cover. 

Manage your auto entrepreneur set up paperwork

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