Keep up-to-date with regulations impacting your French business

By Valérie Aston on 8 December 2022 · Viewed 258 times · Questions

One of your toughest challenges as a future or new freelancer or entrepreneur in France is to keep up-to-date with changes. New laws are being voted on every year which may impact your business. 

I realised that many of my customers struggle to stay up-to-date with changes in regulations impacting their business. I don’t blame them, as many don’t realise that such changes can happen quickly after their business registration and others just feel lost as to where they may look for such information.

My first piece of advice to you, as a new or future business owner in France, is to subscribe to my fortnightly newsletter. I use this media to share tips and news on how to create and run a business in France. But I also know that some of you are very busy, with overflowing email boxes and limited time…

Watch my YouTube Channel for more news & tips on French businesses

Here’s why I have decided to reboot my YouTube Channel @StartBusFrance and make it one of my key media in 2023 (besides this blog obviously) to publish regular videos on how to create and run a business in France. 

I tested the video format with my newsletter's subscribers for 2022 and the feedback on how easy it was to consume, understand complex topics, while staying up to speed with changes, made me want to share it with more people. Why keep this great content on a hidden platform?

I will keep my in-depth content for my online courses... Have a look if you haven’t seen them yet. But my YouTube channel @startbusfrance will come and bridge the gap with this blog, to keep you aware of what’s going on for entrepreneurs in France.

Do French business rules change so often?

Let me just summarise a few key changes shared in 2022 with my newsletter's subscribers:

  • Need to add the EI mention for sole traders on legal mentions & invoices (June)
  • Lower social charges from October (Sept)
  • EI Mention impact on bank accounts (Oct)
  • New compulsory mentions on invoices (Oct)
  • New INPI website to register, update and close all businesses (Nov)

Phew! As you can see, all of this happened within 6 months! And with the move to electronic invoicing in 2026 and the impact of requiring a business visa for UK citizens, it’s best to keep up-to-date.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel @startbusfrance

You have limited time and a video is often the easiest way to digest complex information. To stay ahead of changes impacting your French business, as well as gain some tips on how to best run a French business, subscribe to my YouTube Channel @startbusfrance 

What will your YouTube videos be about

I’m glad you asked, as I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I will broaden the topics covered here to include extra tips on trends, challenges, do’s and don’t about planning, creating, running, and developing a business in France.

Topics will range from preparing for your French business visa application, all the way to registering your business, learning to manage a French business, and moving up to a different business type.

Are you in? Subscribe now @startbusfrance

Keep up-to-date with regulations impacting your French business

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