Inspiring books for freelancers

By Valérie Aston on 24 August 2023 · Viewed 569 times · Questions

As part of my morning routine, I read a few pages of a business book with my morning coffee(s). Besides gently waking my brain up, it also inspires me and gets me excited about working on my business.

Dans mon bureau

The following books are on my office bookshelf - knowing that I have a tiny office speaks for itself. I want to be reminded to pick them up at least once a year. Because I know that they’ll have a second wind and that I'll learn more from them, as my business grows or changes.

Hyperfocus - Chris Bailey

We’ve all heard about the importance of deep work. What I liked about Chris Bailey’s Hyperfocus is the many practical actions that you can take and apply. I loved the part about the scattered brain and the hidden creative mode of your brain. Learning to identify them and use them to your advantage. I will definitely re-read this book in September, as going into a state of deep work after the summer is pretty tough!

Profit First - Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz's Profit First has to be consumed steadily in small doses, as it’s a bit like marmite... You either love or hate it! I would advise freelancers to read this book from their 2nd year in business. Once you’ve got numbers to look at and want to improve your money management skills. I keep going back to it every 6 months - “Okay, where was I? Got that bit, now what’s next?”

How to grow your small business - Donald Miller

Donald Miller has a very visual way of explaining things and is a great storyteller. You could read this book quickly and miss the benefits of doing the worksheets. The concept of the plane representing your business is simple but efficient. I love the idea of scanning the different parts of your business and spotting what can be improved. I read the introduction in July and have kept it for "la rentrée" in September. But I can see that this one will have to be read again, as there are many parts to your business.

Risk Forward - Victoria Labalme

Victoria Labalme will boost your vision and creativity. Risk Forward is the kind of book that I like for my routine routine. Each chapter is only 1 to 2 pages long but thought-provoking. You have to stop, think and answer the questions raised by Victoria Labalme. Again one to dig out once a year.

High 5 Journal - Meg Robbins

Okay, this one isn’t a book, it’s a journal. The High Five Journal is the sidekick from Mel Robbins’ The High 5 Habit. I read this book quickly and have kept the journal for 2 years now (1 journal per quarter). Two key stages to starting your day.  The first page is to check in with yourself and identify what you are happy or proud of and it includes a brain dump. The second page focuses on your goals and the daily actions you will take. a great way to identify what is important and what you can start doing now. It takes about 10-15 minutes and I love it.

What about you?

What are your favourite business or self-development books and why? Send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

Tell me which one you plan to read, as well as your all-time favourite - as I love to add to my business books' wish list. 

Inspiring books for freelancers

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