How to work as a Freelance Tour Guide in Paris

By Valérie Aston on 28 May 2024 · Viewed 173 times · Questions

Allison Isambert moved to Paris in 2016 from San Francisco USA, where she worked for a wine tour company. After one year spent in Paris as a visitor, she decided to create her own tours as a freelancer with Tower to Bridge Tours.

Fast forward to 2024 and Allison is celebrating her 6th year in business and has added conciergerie services. She's also received an amazing 75 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor from her guests. 

For this Freelancers in France interview we discuss: 

     ✅ Deciding to go freelance after years as an employee.

     ✅ Creating her own tours around Paris.

     ✅ Working with other guides & mentor.

     ✅ Preparing for the Olympics in Paris

     ✅ Her start as a Micro Entrepreneur.

     ✅ Future projects.

Creating a tour guide business in Paris France 

Watch Allison Isambert's interview on How to Freelance as a Tour Guide in Paris

Get extra tips on how to organise your next trip to Paris, where you should stay and fun tours to plan for a unique experience.

Business Set up

Allison has been working as a micro entrepreneur. You can watch my Micro Entrepreneur overview to see how it may work for you too.

How to work as a Freelance Tour Guide in Paris

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