How to Speak French with Confidence + Freelancing as a French Coach

By Valérie Aston on 10 June 2024 · Viewed 61 times · Questions

Alex Barron, founder of French In Plain Sight moved to France in 2016, after a year travelling in Australia. He initially set up as an English teacher, before realising that his passion was learning French and sharing his method. Fast forward to 2024, Alex is still based Montpellier and coaches a strong community of French learners. 

This interview with Alex Barron is part of my Freelancers' Interview series.

For this live interview, we talk about : 

✅ Deciding to move to France to learn the language.

✅ 4 things preventing you from learning French.

✅ 4 tips to improve your French.

✅ Building a strong community and YouTube channel

✅ Freelancing as a Micro Entrepreneur

✅ Future projects.

Join me for this live interview as we talk about how to improve your French, Alex’s experience as a French coach and running a French business.

How to Speak French with Confidence + Freelancing as a French Coach

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