How to get your personal French tax number

By Valérie Aston on 14 November 2019 · Viewed 22354 times · Questions

You have recently moved to France and are wondering how to get your personal tax number. You may be also asked for this number to file your taxes in your country or for your visa renewal. Here is how to get your numero fiscal. 

How to get your personal French tax number

If you are being asked for your Tax Identification Number or TIN number, this refers to your personal income tax number in France called numéro fiscal

If you have been in France for a few years and have already filed at least one French income tax form, look at to your 2018 avis d'imposition and you will get this number in the top half of the letter.

You arrived in France in 2019

If you joined the French system in 2019 for the first time, you will not have a TIN number yet. In which case you need to go and see your local Service Impots Particulier (SIP) and ask them to create this number for you. You can also fill in form 2043 Demande de Numero Fiscal. But I think that going to your tax office will be faster. They usually take visitors without appointments every morning (except Wednesdays). 

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