How to create a gite in France masterclass

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Join me for a live masterclass on How to create a gite in France. We are getting closer to the summer reason and I want to make sure that you are ready to welcome your guests.

Who is the Gite Masterclass for

You want to rent your French property for the summer on AirBnB. Or you want to run your gite as a full-time business. But you are wondering what the rules and taxes are. And everyone seems to be giving you a different option...

Here's what you will learn in this Gite Masterclass:

  • Difference between a gite, chambre d'hôtes & table d'hôtes?
  • Difference between a professional & non-professional setup?
  • Taxes you will be paying based on your setup.
  • Should you be applying for a "meublé de tourisme" classification.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when registering a gite as a micro-entrepreneur.
  • Where to declare your gite.
  • Retro planning to register your gite.

What's included in the Masterclass:

  • 1-hour presentation
  • 30 minutes live Q&A.
  • 47€ for lifetime access to the replay

Why should you attend?

  • Get definite answers on your gite setup.
  • Avoid spending hours scrolling the web for unreliable information.
  • Get my "Retro planning Guide to Create your Gite in France".

Why do you charge for this Masterclass?

The Gite Masterclass is designed as a mini-course to help you get ready for the summer. It's going to save you hours of searches on the web and most of all give you definite answers about the rules, legal structure, and taxes.

After this hour and a half spent together, you will be able to confidently run your gite this summer, knowing that you are in control.

How do I register for the Gite Masterclass

  1. Go to the Gite Masterclass registration page 
  2. Select a date and add your name + email.
  3. Pay your seat via the Paypal link sent to you by email.
  4. Add the event to your calendar.
How to create a gite in France masterclass

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