How to Buy a Property in France + Freelancing as an Agent Immobilier

By Valérie Aston on 24 June 2024 · Viewed 284 times · Questions

David Smethurst and his wife moved to France in December 2020. With a love for properties and a strong background in sales and marketing, David decided to change career and set himself up as an agent immobilier with Beaux Villages Immobilier.

Fast forward to 2024, David has developed a strong local network and sold many properties - including 5 chateaux!
For this interview we discuss:  
✅ Market Trends in France in 2024
✅ How do these trends impact expatriates buying in France
✅ 6 tips to follow if you plan to buy a property in France
✅ Process of buying a property in France
✅ Buying a property and impact on visa requirements.
✅ How to set yourself up as an agent immobilier in France
✅ David’s tips for future agent immobilier in France
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How to Buy a Property in France + Freelancing as an Agent Immobilier

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