Get some clarity on your French business project with the Power hour

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You have brainstormed this summer for some business ideas and you are ready to move onto the next stage. But you are confused by various and contradictory advice from friends, family members or expat forums.

You want to know where you stand with your business in France and put an end to the sleepless nights wondering what to do.

Good news, the Power Hour has been designed just for that! Get a full debrief on your business or freelancing idea, see where you stand and understand your options, so you can start making some decisions.

Check my schedule and book your Power Hour now.

What is the Power Hour

The Power Hour is a full hour dedicated to solving your business issues, answering your questions and clarifying what makes sense for you.

Ask as many questions as you like - and nope there are no silly questions. Let’s go through the various options available for your project including legal structure, taxes, timescale or visa and see what make sense.

My objective is to give you some reliable information, so you can start making some decisions.

Who is the Power Hour for

The Power Hour is designed for expats in France and people planning to move to France, with a business or freelancing project. It also works for existing small business owners and freelancers in France wanting to develop their activity or wanting to better understand their existing setup and taxes.

Benefits of the Power Hour

  • Gain clarity on your project.
  • Get professional and reliable advice.
  • Understand how your French taxes work.
  • Get personalised advice based on your situation.
  • 4-in-1 covering your legal structure, taxes, regulations and timescale.
  • Brain dump all the questions that are giving you headaches.
  • Put an end to sleepless nights.

What’s included in the Power Hour

After you have booked your Power Hour call in my scheduling page, you can email me a short overview of your project or activity, as well as all the questions that you would like to cover. There are no silly questions, believe me! You can send your email up to 24 hours before our call.

Preparing your questions means that you won’t forget anything you wanted to ask. You will be surprised about how much stuff we can go through in an hour!

How does the Power Hour work?

After booking your Power Hour call on my scheduling page. You will receive a link for our Zoom meeting and your call is automatically added to my calendar. You will receive an email reminder with this link on the day of our call. Click on the link and remember to un-mute your microphone. You can join the call from your computer or your mobile, no need to install any app.

How much does the Power Hour cost?

The Power Hour costs 126€ for an hour.

Will I get a summary by email?

I’m afraid not. I always use the chatbox for our call to share useful links and to write down complicated French business words, so you don’t have to second guess them. Things like liability insurance - assurance responsabilité civile professionnelle - eek tough one! It’s a good idea to copy and paste those or take a screenshot before the end of our call.

I encourage you to take some notes for our call. You can also join the call with your spouse/partner.

Does the Power Hour work for existing businesses?

Yes, it does! If you have recently created a business and feel lost or don’t understand your accountant. Or if have been in business for a while and are thinking about developing your activity, this will be a perfect match.

I won’t move to France until 2021, can I book a Power Hour?

It’s a great idea to plan ahead and the Power Hour will help you with this. If you are applying for a business visa as a non-European citizen or if you need some feedback on your business plan, set up or how it can work, the Power Hour is right for you.

I need to move to France before Brexit, can the Power Hour help?

Brexit is going to be a big deal for business owners and freelancers for the last quarter of 2020. The Power Hour will help you get ready if you have an existing business in the UK and are wondering if you need/want to move it to France. If you are thinking about creating a new business, we will look at your personal situation and what the tax office would expect you to do.

I don’t have a business idea, can I use the Power Hour

I’m afraid not. Have a look at my 100 Ideas to Create a Business in France guide, as it will help you get started. You will also receive 6 emails, which will help you work on your idea, including a simple business plan and practical tips. 

Get some clarity on your French business project with the Power hour

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