Forum membership going up 1st Jan 2023

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The Start Business In France Forum is the palace where you can ask me all your business questions for a full year. Since 2009, I have answered over 88,000 questions relating to creating and running a business in France, be it a solopreneur or an incorporated business.

Forum price going up on 1st January 2023

The Start Business In France Forum has always been the cheapest option to get my support. The forum price hasn’t increased since 2019 and even at the time, it was to reflect VAT - so the increase went straight to the tax man.

On 1st January 2023, the forum's yearly membership will go up to 130€ for a year. That’s an unlimited number of questions relating to creating and running a business in France. Whether you are in the business visa stage, about to register as a freelancer, in business with tax questions, about to become VAT registered, looking into another business type or wanting to close your French business down.

Price locked until 31st December 2022

If you join the forum or renew your membership by 31st December 2022, the forum membership price will still be 120€ for 12 months.

For instance, if you are currently a forum member until May 2023. You can renew your membership at the existing price and have access until May 2024.

How do I join the Start Business In France forum?

You can join the forum here. To renew your membership, send me an email and I will process this manually.

Why join the Start Business In France forum

You may have a few nagging questions, but not enough to keep us busy for a full Power Hour call with me. Or you may have stumbled upon a thread of a forum question while surfing the web for an answer and would like to see which advice I gave on this subject. Becoming a forum member enables you to search through all the questions and answers given so far. Finally, you may want to keep your identity hidden to ask your questions. 

Why do you charge for the forum access

There are many Facebook groups about living in France, but most of the time you will get advice from someone who has gone through the process a while ago. France has specific rules for many sectors and businesses and you cannot base your decision on an unreliable answer. The forum reflects my 20 years of experience working with French entrepreneurs and expat entrepreneurs living in France. This includes extensive knowledge of rules and regulations, business set up, business taxes and legal processes to follow. Why take a stranger's advice when you could ask an expert who explain complex topics in a simple way?

What does the forum look like

Watch this video to see what the Start Business In France forum looks like. This is the forum tour.

Forum membership going up 1st Jan 2023

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I've been helping people who want to start or already have a small business set up in France since 2009. After graduating from a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, I worked as a senior marketing consultant in the UK and France for various International companies. I worked as a conseillère en création d'entreprises (senior business advisor) for BGE here in France and run this independent business on a daily basis.