Experts to help you buy a business in France

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Once you have started looking at existing businesses for sale in France, you will need to get some professional advice to guide you. Below is the professionals who can help you.

An accountant can help you buy a business in France

An accountant - expert comptable. In order to value the business and analyse the loss and profit accounts called bilan, you will need to go and see an expert comptable. It is best to get your own accountant rather than the vendor’s, as his interest will be to help his existing customer to sell the business in the best conditions. An accountant will help you value the business in the hope of signing you as a customer.

A lawyer can help you buy a business in France

A lawyer - avocat or notaire. Notaires handle most legal matters in small French towns and village, from marriage, inheritance, house purchase to setting up or selling businesses. The notaire will help you understand the legal documents and will write the sale agreement called compromis de vente.

A bank manager can help you buy a business in France

A bank manager - banquier. Banks have advisors dedicated to business accounts called conseiller comptes professionnels. Whether you will be taking a bank loan, a guarantee or self-finance the business purchase, you will need to open a professional bank account. You will therefore have to go and present your business project to the conseiller professionnel. It is best to see two or three banks in order to be able to compare rates and costs. It is also very important that you do get on well and understand your bank account manager, as they will deal with you on the long term.

Your banquier and expert comptable will be the most important people for your business in the future. Take some time to find the person you fill comfortable with, who has clear explanations  and a fairly good level of English, especially if you are still learning French.

Start Business in France can help you buy a business in France, by advising you through the forum and business helpline.

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