Decennale insurance to become compulsory for auto-entrepreneurs

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Decennale insurance: 10 year warranty to become compulsory for some auto-entrepreneurs registered as artisans. The Loi Pinel for small businesses published on 18th June 2014 plans to increase the requirements for assurance decennale - a ten year warranty required by some artisans in order to guarantee the quality of their work. The new law states that insurance information must be listed on quotes and invoices.

As a reminder, all businesses in France should at least have a liability insurance called assurance responsabilite professionnelle.

Who will require a decennal insurance?

Assurance decennale is already necessary for artisans in the building trade, such as carpenters, tilers, roofers, general building work, window fitting. So far auto-entrepreneurs were encouraged to get a decennale, but no checks were made - apparently many auto-entrepreneur artisans in the building trade are not insured, i.e. they don't have assurance decennale.

Insurance information required on quotes and invoices

  • Details of the insurance company
  • Geographic cover of the insurance
  • Start and end date of insurance cover

How much does decennale insurance cost?

Decennale insurance cost varies according to the number of trades covered, as well as the entrepreneur’s turnover. The yearly fee can vary from 1500 euros for a tiler to 3000 euros for a builder / window fitter.

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