Changes planned to the auto-entrepreneur regime in 2010

By Valérie Aston on 17 January 2010 · Viewed 3850 times · Questions

The auto-entrepreneur regime is celebrating its first birthday and a few modifications are planned for 2010. No ground breaking changes, here is a summary:

  • Turnover thresholds have been slightly increased to 80,300€ for trade, food and accommodation and 32,100€ for services.
  • Existing micro entreprises registered as professions liberales and relating to CIPAV, will be able to switch to the regime micro social (i.e pay their social charges as per the auto entrepreneur regime). The deadline to switch over is 28th February 2010. Once confirmed by RSI or URSSAF the change will be back dated to 1st January 2010.
  • Auto entrepreneurs will be able to remain within the scheme even if no turnover is declared for 3 consecutive years. Past that deadline they will be automatically be moved to a standard entreprise individuelle.
  • Auto-entrepreneurs registered as artisans will have to be listed on the “repertoire des metiers” from 1st April 2010 (business register compiled by Chambre de Metiers).
  • Taxe professionnelle has been replaced by “contribution économique territoriale”. Auto-entrepreneurs will benefit from an exoneration, provided they have opted for “versement de l’impot liberatoire” or income tax paid at source.

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