Entrepreneurs: Beware of fake RSI invoices

By Valérie Aston on 9 November 2010 · Viewed 4703 times · Questions

Regime Social des Independants (RSI), the body handling social charges for artisans and commercants, has been issuing a warning about fake invoices being sent to entrepreneurs.

Sole traders having registered as entreprise individuelle, micro entreprise or limited companies such as EURL or SARL, are used to receive the quarterly call for social charges known as “appels de cotisations”.

Several unscrupulous businesses have been using misleading acronyms to send invoices designed to look like “appels de cotisations”. So double check the logo and spelling of the acronyms on your next RSI bill. If the total amount invoiced is unusual, this may also be a clue.

Fakes RSI invoices sent by:

  • RSI : Répertoire des Sociétés et des Indépendants
  • SRI : Société de Référencement sur Internet

These are promotional offers for business directories and are NOT compulsory. Read the warning from RSI.

Some of the letters will refer you to an online paying site, suggesting that you are paying your RSI cotisations. The scam site will take your payment for their commission and will only check that you have calculated your cotisations correctly.  Expect pretty graphs of your cotisations but nothing else.

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