Auto-entrepreneurs not be liable to compulsory accountancy controls

By Valérie Aston on 5 December 2011 · Viewed 6130 times · Questions

I mentioned to you last week the amendement requested to the Loi de Finance 2011, in order to submit auto-entrepreneurs to compulsory accounting controls. According to this amendment, all auto-entrepreneurs in their third year would have had to submit a certificate produced by an accountant or Organsime de Gestion Agréé (OGA), to confirm that they did comply with the auto-entrepreneur accountancy rules and that their turnover declaration reflected their book-keeping. The good news is that this amendement was withdrawn on Friday 2nd December 2011 for the National Assembly debate.

Valérie Pecresse, the Budget Minister, was opposed to this amendement and argued that it would limit the auto-entrepreneur regime in time and increase its complexity. It was quite clear that many auto-entrepreneurs would have shut their business down after the second year, not to have to deal with this extra burden. Indeed sales for most self-entrepreneurs are very low.

Hervé Novelli, former Secretary of State for SMEs, denounced "an additional constraint and stigmatisation, somewhat akin to hunting the poor", since auto-entrepreneurs' average monthly turnover is only 700€. This is a good news for many auto-entrepreneurs who feared the extra cost of this accountancy check.

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