Auto-entrepreneur turnover limits in a nutshell

By Valérie Aston on 9 September 2013 · Viewed 5841 times · Questions

It's something that's come up in the forum a few times recently, so I thought I'd make a quick post on when an auto-entrepreneur has to switch regime, e.g. to reel simplifie, because turnover limits have been exceeded.

The rule is that an auto-entrepreneur cannot go above the turnover threshold of 32,600 euros for services or 81,500 euros for trade, in the first year of business. If they do they will come out of the auto-entrepreneur regime in the second year.

However, if an auto-entrepreneur goes over 32,600 euro limit for services or 81,500 euros limit for trade in subsequent years, they can continue trading as an auto-entrepreneur, as long as they do not go above 34,600 euros for services or 89,600 euros for trade. Coming out of the auto-entrepreneur regime will impact on your social charges, fiscal charges and TVA.

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