Auto-Entrepreneur turnover declaration - 31st January deadline

By Valérie Aston on 19 December 2009 · Viewed 3784 times · Questions

The next deadline to complete your turnover declaration is January 31st. Some of you have already received the form and starting to worry.

Over the Xmas holidays I’ll be working on a short video explaining how to complete this form. So you can all go back to more important things, such as Xmas and New Year preparations. There is no video release date, as I will also be taking some time off with my kids in the next couple of weeks, but it should be ready by early/mid January.

Topics to be covered in the auto-entrepreneur turnover declaration video

  • How to complete the form step-by-step
  • Reminder of the social charges and income tax rates
  • How to deal with ACCRE
  • Paper and online declaration

Back to last minute Xmas shopping…

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