Auto-entrepreneur status to be extended to farming activities?

By Valérie Aston on 9 December 2009 · Viewed 3917 times · Questions

Consulted by the French government, the Societe des Agriculteurs de France (SAF) believes that expanding the auto-entrepreneur regime to farming activities would benefit the profession. A press release from SAF issued on 27th November requests for this new regime to be added to the Loi de Modernisation de l’Agriculture.

The auto-entrepreneur status would be a positive factor for the development of new activities and thus increase jobs and income in farming. Therefore SAF suggested to the Governement that the auto-entrepreneur status be added to the new law of agricultural modernization which has competitiveness as a core objective.

SAF believes the auto-entrepreneur would simplify the administrative burden for people choosing farming as a secondary activity. It would also set a higher status and better income for young farmers in pre-installation periods, enabling them to test their commitment, as well as their future partners. 

The auto entrepreneur status for farming activities will be discussed in 2010. This would be a good news for people wanting to register as landscapers, garden maintenance or nursery.

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