Auto Entrepreneur online course : Manage your set up paperwork

By Valérie Aston on 14 February 2020 · Viewed 1450 times · Questions

For new auto-entrepreneurs lost with their paperwork, I have designed an online training "How to manage your auto-entrepreneur set up paperwork".  

Why did I design an online course to manage auto-entrepreneurs' set up paperwork?

The online course "How to manager your auto-entrepreneur set-up paperwork" was designed based on questions and feedback from micro-entrepreneurs I registered in 2019.  As part of my micro-entrepreneur registration services, I introduced in June 2019 a 2 months email follow up to help handle this big step for any newcomer to France. I found myself repeating myself again and again with the same questions: What should I do with Impots' letter/CPAM/URSSAF? Why am I getting a Questionnaire Initial from Impots and how do I fill it in? When will I get my carte vitale? Who is CPAM and why do I have to send a copy of my birth certificate again? 

Fast forward 6 months and many of these new auto entrepreneurs came back to me stating how relieved they were to have found me, as their French was good, but not sufficient to handle confusing paperwork. 

This led me to think about the many new auto entrepreneurs who were frustrated with their paperwork, at a time when they should be excited about launching and developing their freelancing activity. I have therefore decided to create a specific course for newcomers to France - freelancers and small business owners - who had never been in the French system before.

What could make new auto-entrepreneurs' life easier?

The answer was easy :

  • a course explaining step-by-step what happens after their business registration,
  • a simple overview of which bodies they would be dealing with, 
  • a simple approach in plain English. 

What will you get in the auto-entrepreneur set-up course?

  • Overview of your business registration process. 
  • Explanation of the affiliation letters to URSSAF and Impots.
  • Explanation of your affiliation to CPAM for your health cover.
  • Explanation for the process to get your carte vitale.
  • Copies of the letters and forms you will receive with a full explanation on how to complete them.
  • How to create your online account with URSSAF, Impots and CPAM... Yes, you will need to do this!
  • How to complete your 1st turnover declaration form by paper or online.
  • Copy of my Auto-Entrepreneur set-up paperwork checklist with the full video explanation.
  • Copies of all the presentations available for download.

Who is this online course for?

This course is perfect for:

  • New auto-entrepreneurs.
  • Auto-entrepreneurs who registered within the last 6 to 9 months and still feel lost with their paperwork.
  • Auto-entrepreneurs who haven't created their online account with Impot, URSSAF and CPAM.

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Feedback from customers who have taken this online training

Your online training has been a great help. I wish I had found it before! — Emma - English teacher

Fantastic service to help you set up your business and support during your business activity. It can be very daunting to set up a business in France if your French is not perfect. Valerie offers perfect guidance and help on this and makes the French system appear easy and explains everything in detail and logical so you feel on top of your business activity. — Martina - Freelance consultant

Auto Entrepreneur online course : Manage your set up paperwork

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