Auto-entrepreneurs: When to make your first turnover declaration

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All auto-entrepreneurs have a minimum delay of 90 days before having to make their first turnover declaration. If you have decided to make your declaration by post, just wait for the Declaration de chiffre d’affaires form to be sent to you by RSI or URSSAF (according to your activity). If you have not received anything past the 90 days, get in touch with RSI or URSSAF, as there might be an issue with your account.

For auto-entrepreneurs wanting to declare and pay online via, follow the easy 2 steps process:

  1. Create your account with Net Entreprises,
  2. Declare and pay when the deadline is up

The same minimum delay of 90 days applies to you too.

Deadlines for your first quarterly declaration

Here is a summary of the deadline for your first turnover declaration according to your business registration date.

Business registered in Declare your turnover
from starting date up to
First turnover declaration
to be completed in
Jan, Feb or Mar 30 Jun Jul
Apr, May or Jun 30 Sep Oct
Jul, Aug or Sep 31 Dec Jan
Oct, Nov or Dec 31 Mar Apr

Deadlines for your first monthly declaration

Business registered in Declare your turnover from
starting date up to
First turnover declaration
to be completed in
Jan 30 Apr May
Feb 31 may Jun
Mar 30 Jun Jul
Apr 31 Jul Aug
May 31 Aug Sep
Jun 30 Sep Oct
Jul 31 Oct Nov
Aug 30 Nov Dec
Sep 31 Dec Jan
Oct 31 Jan Feb
Nov 28 Feb Mar
Dec 31 Mar Apr

Table source: Net Entreprises.

There are a few bugs with the Net Entreprises accounts. Some auto-entrepreneurs who initially opted to pay on a quarterly basis have noticed that their declaration has switched to a monthly deadline. If this is your case contact RSI or URSSAF (according to you activity) and ask them to update your account.

My account with Net Entreprises for instance did respect the 90 days delay, but was switched to a monthly declaration straight away.

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