Video Q&A session on creating & managing a business in France

By Valérie Aston on 9 July 2020 · Viewed 1395 times · Questions

Once a month, I will be producing a Q&A video session, to show you the kind of topics I cover in the forum, one-to-one calls or on my online courses. 

The questions covered in my July Q&A session are:

  1. Hiring someone for your French business with TESE (0:35m)
  2. Selling online or marketplaces as a micro entrepreneur : Do I include posting & packaging? (2:22m)
  3. Am I paying the right social charges as a micro entrepreneur? Do I need to declare my income to somebody else other than URSSAF? (3:50m)
  4. Can I keep getting some unemployment allowance when creating a business? (6:07m)

If you have similar questions and want my help to get some answer, join the forum.

Video Q&A session on creating & managing a business in France

Valerie Lemiere: Start Business in France

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I've been helping people who want to start or already have a small business set up in France since 2009. After graduating from a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, I worked as a senior marketing consultant in the UK and France for various International companies. I worked as a conseillère en création d'entreprises (senior business advisor) for BGE here in France and run this independent business on a daily basis.