7 measures announced by the French Government to support businesses affected by Covid 19

By Valérie Aston on 15 March 2020 · Viewed 2454 times · Questions

You may have received an email from the tax office of explaining the seven measures taken to support businesses and freelancers affected by Covid 19 in France. here are the seven measures implemented to o support French businesses:

1. Payment delays for your social and fiscal taxes, i.e. URSSAF and Impots.

2. Direct tax rebates for difficult financial situations and after an individual examination requests.

3. Support from Banque de France to negotiate with your bank a rescheduling of bank credits. This is referred to as credit mediation - médiation du credit.

4. Mobilisation of BPI France to guarantee bank cash lines that companies may need because of the epidemic.

5. Maintaining employment in companies through the simplified and reinforced partial unemployment system called chômage partiel.

6. Support for the treatment of a conflict with customers or suppliers by the Business Mediator - médateur des entreprise.

7. Recognition by the Government and local authorities of the impact of Coronavirus on public contracts, delay penalties will not be applied.

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