23% of auto-entrepreneurs have legalised an existing activity

By Valérie Aston on 29 September 2010 · Viewed 3868 times · Questions

An article recently published in La Tribune reveals that 23% of auto-entrepreneurs have legalised an existing activity thanks to the new auto-entrepreneur system.

According to this report commissioned by Hervé Novelli, Secretary of State for SMEs 23% of auto-entrepreneurs say they have seized the opportunity to professionalize an activity already being carried illegally. This may not come as a surprise to many, but it goes against the many auto-entrepreneur detractors for whom this system was an open door to undeclared work.

The total turnover of auto-entrepreneurs is estimated at approximately one billion euros. La Tribune calculated that the auto entrepreneur regime launched on 1st January 2009 would have brought about 250 million euros into the economy.

This report gives us some interesting statistical assessment of the auto-entrepreneur system and also has the merit to balance some misconceptions on the fragility of this regime. The auto-entrepreneur has been alleged as unfair competition and was anticipated to substitute itself to normal businesses registrations (i.e entreprise individuelle, EURL and SARL).

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