10 tips to complete your auto-entrepreneur turnover declaration

By Valérie Aston on 6 September 2010 · Viewed 10813 times · Questions

As a reminder, auto entrepreneurs will only pay their social charges as and when they work. Therefore you should not pay any other calls for social charges or cotisation. If you receive an appel de cotisations from RSI or URSSAF, this probably means that there is an issue with your account set up, i.e. RSI have not listed you as an auto entrepreneur, but as a micro entreprise. You will need to call them to sort this out.

If you have not sold anything over the quarter, it is best to make a turnover declaration for 0€, just to show that your account is active.

The tips:

  1. Plan some time to up-date your book keeping: invoices (paid, unpaid) and expenses. Split your turnover between services and trade.
  2. Create your account with http://www.net-entreprises.fr if you wish to pay online (allow 48 hours before making your first declaration).
  3. Only declare the invoices which have been paid by 30th September. Quotes, work in progress or unpaid bill are not included.
  4. Do not deduct any expenditures, shipping costs, materials used or travel allowances. Expenses cannot be claimed under the auto entrepreneur.
  5. If you have made a mistake in last quarter’s turnover declaration, add or deduct this amount.
  6. Check the social charges rate mentioned on your form is correct and amend it if necessary (e.g. income tax, social charges or ACCRE forgotten). Call RSI to confirm the changes needed.
  7. Keep a paper copy of your declaration. You might require a proof in the future.
  8. Enclose a check made payable to RSI for artisans and commercant or to URSSAF for professions liberales. Online declarations are automatically taken from your bank account.
  9. Check that the social charges (cheque or bank transfer) have been taken from your bank account the following month.
  10. Get in touch with RSI if your previous declarations have disappeared from your Net Entreprises account or if your declaration has been switched from monthly to quarterly.

Still struggling with your declaration? Watch this 18 minutes video How to make your 1st auto entrepreneur turnover delcaration

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