Your feedback please: Taxation on gites and chambre d’hotes for micro entreprise

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Hi everyone,

I would like to have the feedback of gite, chambre d’hotes, table d’hotes owners registered as micro entreprise/ auto entrepreneur.

According to the auto entrepreneur regime, gite, chambre d’hotes, table d’hotes owners should be taxed at 12.8%. Some forum members seem to be taxed at 22%.

The text laws from SSI can be misleading as they mention 12.8% for prestations d’hébergement (BIC), apart from location de locaux d’habitation meublés at 22% which is for short term rental other than tourism.

Would you mind adding in this thread your region, activity (gite only, Chambre d’hotes, table d’hotes) and your social charges rate?

This will help identity some regions where social charges rates may be applied differently.


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