Would I have to pay tax in France when working for my UK company?

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I have a UK business which undertakes painting and decorating work and I am the only director/employee/shareholder. I am considering the possibility of moving to France permanently and setting up a company there. However, before doing so, I am considering undertaking 2 or 3 months work in France for my English business in order to test the market.

I have been advised by an English accountant that a UK business is allowed to post a worker to another EU country for up to 24 months without setting up a separate business structure in that country and also that it would be possible for me to continue paying UK National Insurance contributions in the UK instead of social charges in France. But would any impôts be due in France?

Apart from making sure that I am insured for any work I undertake in France, would I need to notify anyone about my intention to work there? Also, my company does not charge VAT in the UK, so presumedly this means I would not have to charge TVA on any work I invoice for in France?

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