Working for my UK Limited company in France

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I’m an IT consultant working for clients in the UK.  Up to now I have had to work mostly in the UK and I have been there more than 183 days each year.  I now have the chance to work remotely in France most of the time and I think I could be in France more than 183 days.

I have a UK Limited Company and I pay myself a salary and I pay myself dividends as the director of this company too.  All my clients are in the UK and they require invoices from a UK Limited Company with UK Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.  From your answers to other questions like this, it appears that it may not be possible for me to set up as an auto-enterpreneur and invoice my UK Limited Company but maybe I am wrong here.  I need to keep the UK limited company structure to satisfy my clients’ requirements.  Is there any way that I can live in France for most of the year and continue doing work for my UK Limited Company?

Many thank for any help and advice.



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