Which regime for chambre d’hotes and gite?

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You may recall that I had a painful time extracting myself from a BNC regime which left me exteremely wary of my next move. I am in the process of finishing the renovation of a house in which I will be offering chambre d’hotes and also the renovation of a house which I plan to rent out as a gite. I will also be doing occasional work for a number of people I know undertaking renovations who have asked me if I would agree to occasional work as a labourer or whatever on their own renovations.

Having studied the various threads here I note you feel that in most cases a chambre d’hotes should be registered as BIC. I don’t plan to offer any additional services other than breakfast and cleaning on changeovers in the gite, but how would my plan to do other work as well on an adhoc basis effect how I decide to regiser myself.

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