Which legal structure for my business in France?

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I have been an auto-entrepreneur for the last five years selling things purely through a website. I think that next year I will reach the turnover limit so I’m starting to think about whether it’s time to change company structure. I have a couple of questions:

  1. My current expenses are around 50% of my turnover although I’m referring to very basic costs here. I work from home so haven’t included electricity/internet box/car costs to get to the post office etc etc Depending on what is considered as expenses with another company structure, my expenses could be very high especially as i might need to rent offices + buy a new machine.  I would also like to employ a saisonnier or two next year for a four or five month period. Which company structure do you think would be good for me ?
  2. If I change my company structure for the 1 January 2017, what happens with my current stock? Can I, as an auto-entrepreneur, sell my stock, website, machines for making my products, computer, printer etc. to the new company? How would I work out the cost of all of this? The new company will need these things to function.
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