Which expert comptable services to use in France?

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  1. What do you recommend:
    • Online services like, for example: expert-comptable-tpe.fr/offre-comptable, or
    • A company that is the city where the company is located in order to have a face to face conversations/explanations?

    I believe it is always easier to discuss and see the person rather than just on the phone? Old style maybe…

  2. I heard of Commissaire Aux Comptes in some cases even though it is not mandatory:

    • Is the CAC’s accountability more strict or accurate?
    • Does this could prevent from taxe controls as the CAC is directly linked to the government somehow?
    • in which case it is advisable to have a CAC as opposed to an Expert Comptable?
    • Is it the CAC service more expensive than an expert comptable’s?
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