Which comes first, bank account or enterprise?

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We are, very slowly, setting up a micro-brewery in one of our barns.

We both completed the SPI earlier this year and took a while to decide which statut and regime to follow. We have chosen a SAS because are both of an age that we could not benefit form a French pension. We will have to rely on our UK pensions rights ( if they still exist in a post-Brexit world) when the time comes. For regime fiscale we intend tp go with Impots sur les Societes.
“We” means my wife and I, we shall be recorded as co-dirigeants in order to entrench our fiscal presence in France. we have been here since June 2017, have formal tax residency ( Impots sur Revenue declaration in 2018 and 2019), hold Cartes Vitales and Tire de Sejours..

Preamble over, the question relates to the company registration. We had left this in the hands of local notaire who has been a bit slow off the mark. We had a meeting recently where he asked us to open a bank account for the societe. He said that is needed in order to proceed with creating the societe. We had a RDV at the bank (Credit Agricole du Nord Midi-Pyrennee) to open an account, the interlocutor wanted the statuts of the societe before an account can be opened.

What is the correct order of events? I was not entirely confident the interlocutor at the bank knew what he was doing, but am tied to using CA, the only bank in town.


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