Which activities come under BNC and pays the higher income tax of 2.2%?

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Listed activities are cleaning gites and cutting grass menage et nettoyage courant de maisons entretien travaux de jardinage tonte de pelouses. NAF code N8611. There are 4 codes de gestion on the declaration trimestrielle, 630, 645, 684 and 572. I understand the 630 and 572 but why the 2 other codes and not just one? 645 (prestations de services commerciales ou artisanales) the tax is shown as 26.3. So 1.7% income tax but the other one 684 (autres prestations de service) is shown as 26.8% tax - so 2.2% income tax. Does one of the activities comes under the BNC and thus the higher amount of tax, and if so which activity?

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