What we should expect regarding social contribution and carte vitale?

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We were recently registered as liberal professionals (consultants) in France with URSSAF. We’re received information from INSEE, Ministere de L’economie et finances, Malakoff, etc. Is there a website where we can find out how URSSAF connects with the different entities?

More specifically, what we should expect regarding the process with social contribution, carte vitale, etc. Is the URSSAF only purpose to act as a gatekeeper? I’ve attempted to register for the votre espace on the URSSAF website - however it doesn’t recognise my SIRENE/SIRET number. In fact, it’s asking for a 14 digit number, when our number are 9 (sirene) and 13 (siret) digits. Any information is appreciated.

Our lawyers registered our businesses (independent consultants) with URSSAF on our behalf. We subsequently received our certificate d’inscription, which has my husband’s date of birth listed incorrectly. Unfortunately, we must correct the errors ourselves. Which entity do we contact to make this change?

Correction re my comment about the SIRET number. It is 14 digits, but the system doesn’t seem to recognise it for purpose of trying to access the votre espace on the URSSAF website. However, when I check it on societe.com, I see the company and number.

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